Saturday, June 28, 2014

I think I can see a second line!!!

And I definitely could!!!

I'd been feeling tired and headachy for days and my period was uncharacteristically two days late, but I just didn't want to get my hopes up as we'd been trying in earnest for six months with all the ovulation contraptions going!

After one month of 'not trying' - viola - Baby Bee is here!!! Well kind of.

We actually bought two tests from Poundland (First Vue) two days before. Mr Bee suggested that I get two (push the boat out, eh) and I tested that day to no avail. On a very full bladder might I add! I was about a day late.

Two days later (3 days late), after sleeping most of the day, Mr Bee suggested I test again. It was 11 at night and I tested. I couldn't see a second line. Alas, Mr Bee surveyed the stick and agreed - no second line.

Then, as if by magic the most faint second line appears that was only really observable under intense light and held two inches away could be seen. Well, at least by me. I called out "I think I can see a line" from the ensuite to Mr Bee. Mr Bee - no response. So louder and far more excitable - "I THINK I CAN SEE A LINE!!!"

Mr Bee looks very closely, not convinced, and says calmly that there might be a very faint line. I read the instructions and it says no matter how faint it is a positive and explain this to him.

Can you see the line?

I don't think Mr Bee could either. Well not clearly. I needed further proof. Of course, I wasn't going to sleep that night until I had it!

Off we go to the all night Tesco twenty minutes away about 12am! Very strange feeling that journey. Getting excited but not wanting to. A bit scared too.

Get two different types of test - these were definitely more than a pound! Twenty quid in all - First Response and the Clear Blue conception indicator thingie majiggie.

Travel home - do tests and YAY - as the baby forums would say two unequivocal and strong BFPs! Whoops. I am officially up the duff!

I call my mother immediately to let her know the good news. She's in shock!

The moral of this story is that First Vue are absolutely rubbish. Although, as Mr Bee points out it did show a faint line. But I think that's too bloody faint for 3 days post expected date of period.

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